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ALA FY06 Projects & Transition

FEMA recently informed the NIBS Multihazard Mitigation Council (MMC) that FEMA funds are limited for FY 2006 (October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006) and that the agency will be unable to support the American Lifelines Alliance (ALA) during the coming fiscal year. Although other partners to help support the ALA mission in the future are being sought, the ALA has assessed its current situation and has decided to initiate no additional projects at this time. Nonetheless, current ALA projects for FY 2005 (October 1, 2004 to September 30, 2005) will be completed.

Given the ALA's track record of conducting practical projects generating useful results in a timely and cost-effective way, we are confident that new support will be secured to fund ALA efforts in 2006 and beyond. Thus, the ALA is very interested in hearing your suggestions for future activities and partners that will contribute to its mission of achieving reliable performance of utility and transportation systems during and after any type of hazard event. Suggestions are always appreciated and can be sent to Claret Heider at

Thank you for your interest in ALA and consideration in helping us move forward this important initiative.


Projects Under Consideration

An analysis of the Existing Lifelines Guidelines Matrices indicates that the following potential projects are needed by lifeline system owner/operators:

System Reliability Guidelines for Telecommunications, Highways, Commuter Rail, and Ports and Harbors

Seismic Load and Design Guidelines for Electric Power Transmission Towers and Poles and Distribution Poles

Seismic Design Guidelines Wastewater Pipelines

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Guidelines for Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems

From ALA team meetings and Corresponding Advisors, the following are additional ALA potential projects:

Document metric and acceptable performance measures that are currently in use for various utility sectors and companies

Lifelines Course Development for FEMA's Emergency Management Institute

Defining Permanent Ground Movements for Use in Design

Creation of an On-line Library of Case Histories on Approaches to Lifeline Hazard Mitigation




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